‘I want to create a brand, that’s kind to the environment, approachable to my customers. The designs are time-less yet unique; and above everything, they should represent a message.’

Our Story

Founded in October 2020, we are a boutique sustainable womenswear studio based in London. We specialise in creating quality garments from Deadstock Fabric.

The fashion industry is wasteful. We aim to not add more waste by producing new materials, instead utilise what’s already been made. We have an extremely small production quantity to suit our naturally limited material. This allows us to insert extra love and attention in the form of print, embroidery and hand crafts into each and every one of our garments. Bringing you unique, exclusive designs with a sustainable message.

The Designer

Born in Beijing, Forged in London.

Amie graduated from BA Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni in 2018, she than proceeded to obtain a Duo-Master degree in Textile Design and International Fashion Marketing from UAL and Regent’s University. A week after graduation, Amie has launched her own brand, Amie Ellis London.

‘The East and the West each offers so much in culture and beauty, yet so different from each other. Being Duo-national I am lucky to experience both first hand. I take a lot of reference from my Chinese heritage. The Qi-Pao collar, the 2D pattern cutting method are all a reflection of this. I also love the romantic style and softness of the Rococo period, resulting in me using a lot of pastel colours, soft textures and delicate detailing. Merging the two component with an aim for sustainability, I want to bring something unique and special to you.

Many of my earliest memories involve watching my A-Po (grandmother) sewing and embellishing a garment. Soon after, I started learning from her and am still benefiting from the skills! There is a raw beauty in hand crafts that we cannot afford to lose. However, this artisanship is disappearing all over the world due its high requirements and costly nature. It would be a personal lost to me as it holds a piece of memory. So I started thinking, since I work with very small quantities, I can use the extra time to introduce hand craft back to my designs. At the studio, we take the time and attention to elevate each garment, adding a special message, without the price tag.

Amie Ellis London is a crazy learning curve for me, I really appreciate you for being with me on this journey. Hope to see you more! ’