Sustainable, Naturally Exclusive

All of our garments are made from 100% Deadstock fabrics. We aim to not create more waste from producing new materials, instead utilise what’s already been made.

Given the naturally limited supply of Deadstock fabrics; our designs will never exceed a total production value of 15 pieces each style. Making each boutique collection unique and one of a kind.


Traditional Craftsmanship, Without The Price Tag

We value the importance and beauty of craftsmanship. Having a background in Textile Design, Amie often plays with prints, embroidery and hand painting in her collections.

However, hand crafts are normally expensive, making it challenging to be appreciated by more; which is not helping the preservation of this disappearing art.

“There is an irreplaceable connection within hand crafts we cannot afford to lose.” With a small stock quantity, we have the extra time to put in the love and care to each piece, bringing back craftsmanship while adding a special touch to our garments, without the price tag.

Who Where How

It is important to us that we know where our product came from, how it was made and who made it.

For the first collection, we sourced, manufactured and produced everything here in the UK. In order to have a close connection with our manufacturers and quality control over our garments.

We believe in community building and local production. This also helps us to lower our carbon foot prints. Giving more to our neighbours; taking less from the environment. 


Life Time Aftercare

We do not design for trend, our garments are intended to last for a long time. However understanding cloth will eventually go through a ‘Wear and Tear’ process, we offer a life time repair and/or re-work (dye, embellishment etc.) service to all our clients.

Clothing was never meant to be a ‘One Night Stand’, there is also a beauty to re-creation. Hoping what we have created with care and love, can be treated with the same value and stay with our customers for a long time.